Thursday, February 25, 2010

Afro night

Africa Night is over
so that means am BACK lol
but Africa Night was a big ole SUCCESS
i apreciate the people who came out just for me,
i wasnt expecting it but that was truly the highlight of
my night.

I would post pics of what i wore during Africa Night
but i was so busy running up and down i forgot to wear
anything special, am thankful to all those who put up
with me throught the stressfull practice and they did pretty

Africa Night further increased my interest in
African fashion. African Fashion is so different from
Westernized culture because the colors are so
vibrant and expressive. i guess i apreciate that because
i strive to be vibrant and expressive.

My friends wedding is coming up and i am getting "aso ebi"
which is cloth that friends of the bride will wear and am
excited becaue i get to look for designs i can design it into,
thts a hard task because i want it to be just perfect, the colors
of this material is perfect.Ms kams you picked and
awesome material.

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