Saturday, February 27, 2010

NAACP Awards

I only watched part of the show but from what i saw
it was pretty decent, hereare someof my favorite looks
from the evening.

I have been havin some kind of weird infactuation with
long dresses lately and i kinda like it.

MsKeriHilson Dress#1

I like the dress, not a big fan of he shoes but she rocked the dramatism of the dress

Keisha Knight Pulliam
I know this dress is super simple, but i love the simplicity of it.

Logan Browning
Cute party dress

Wendy Raquel Robinson
I love the silloutte of this dress, plus it fits her perfectly

Keri Hilson
Love the dress, she could have done without the one glove, but hey she
wants to be an idividual i guess


  1. i really like keri's first dress, it would be great for prom!